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Supply Chain

We handle all your sourcing, procurement, logistics & warehousing needs.

At Eagle Eye Operations Consultants (EEOC), we understand the supply chain to be one of the key cost components of projects. As business enablers, our aim is to ensure your materials and equipment arrive on schedule, and within the prescribed budget. To achieve this, we employ a myriad of tools, agents, and our vast network within the relevant government agencies to ensure efficiency every step of the way, from the origin to the final destination.

Business Process Re-engineering

A poor-performing organization always has at the root of its problems dysfunctional business processes.

At EEOC, we analyze these processes and help to re-engineer them to top performance. We guide your organization through the various steps to reach Operational Excellence. We have a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt within our ranks and are thus equipped to deploy the relevant tools to achieve a leaner, more efficient organization. We handle all your organization-wide, operational, and total quality management processes for you.

Lean Six Sigma Ogundeko Ogunaike

Production & Total Quality Management

Lean Six Sigma Ogundeko Ogunaike

At EEOC, we drive Quality and Efficiency to achieve the facility’s capacity potential;

  • We help your organization build a solid foundation through the standardization of your processes (SOPs) and help you build a sound Quality Management System
  • Building a continuous improvement culture within the organization is key to imbibing the reskills into EVERY employee to solve their problems and continually search for better ways to achieve their tasks. We help train your personnel and create the structures to make this sustainable over time
  • Stability and efficiency of your processes is the only way you can ensure predictability. We help analyze your processes to eliminate the causes of variances. Our analytical tools will also help improve the efficiencies of these processes to improve your output and consequently your profitability
  • Finally, we make your processes “capable” – identifying the root causes of quality problems and eliminating them, thus improving your yield and decreasing your operating costs.

Whether it is for products or services, our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt team is able to diagnose the root causes of defects and eliminate them. We will also introduce the continuous improvement culture such that your teams do not rest on their oars but are permanently seeking new ways to perform their tasks thereby constantly improving their quality and efficiencies.

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